About Anchor House

What facilities can I expect to find?

You can expect your own single bed/sitting room, where you may bring treasured possessions from your home if you wish. All rooms are fully furnished with washing facilities, fully carpeted and central heated. There are sitting and dining areas, delightful gardens and a kitchen for the use of the service users and relatives. Bedrooms on the first floor are serviced by a stair lift. The whole home has a tasteful and relaxing d├ęcor.

What quality of care can I expect?

The home is privately owned and run by a qualified manager. We provide high standards of care with a genuine concern for your well being. We have evolved a unique approach to the care of the elderly, which allows for individual choice and optimum independence. This modern approach is implemented and fully supported by our carefully selected qualified staff under the supervision of our registered manager.

What is included in the fees?

Twenty four hour personal care and attention with call bell system in all parts of the home. Expensive and varied home cooking is provided by qualified cooks, including special diets. There are laundry and library facilities, a programme of social activities and outings. We also have hairdressing and chiropody services at a small extra fee. Above all, there is an exceptional atmosphere of relaxation and happiness. Fees are determined by Doncaster Council (available on request).

Is there any visiting hours?

Friends and family are welcome any time.

What happens should I become ill?

For minor ailments we would care for you as would happen in most families at home. For more serious complaints, we would seek medical advice off your own practitioner. Sometimes service users can benefit from specialist treatment. It would be our intention, always, to care for you permanently and we would consult with you and your family about your continuing care needs.

Can I come for a trial stay?

Yes, we would encourage you to do this, having first visited and talked to us. We always advise at least a month stay before beginning to make any decision about your home.

Will it seem like home?

Yes, you will have freedom to organize your own daily routine such as your privacy, mixing with others and when and what you eat. We hope the warm friendly atmosphere offers a sense of security which compensates for any regrets concerning your home.

What social life can I expect?

A programme of social activities and outings are arranged with our in house activities coordinator and you are free to choose to participate or not. We would encourage you to keep up all your social links, pastimes and hobbies and to maintain your former lifestyle. We also have an outside provider - motivation class once a month.